English Lessons

We received a great letter and some wonderful pictures this week.  Elder Larkin looks good and sounds better.  Some have asked how to get him regular mail.  His address has changed.  Everything always needs to go through the mission office.  That address is:

Elder Larkin
Dmytra Yavornytskogo 27A, 5th Floor
Dnieper 49044

You do not put the mission name.  He wanted us to let everyone know who has written to him that he is not given a lot of time to write.  Him not answering directly does not mean he is not receiving your letters or that he is not appreciating them.  Keep them coming!

Hello Everyone,

It has been a great week here.  To answer a few of the questions I keep getting, I’m honestly feeling great!! I’m happy all the time, and I have so many friends here it’s awesome. We have a few dinner appointments each week, but for the most part we aren’t allowed to eat at too many members houses.

It’s because most of the families are sooooo poor, they seriously have nothing and they’ll honestly give everything they own to us because they love missionaries. It’s so sad. We ate at one families house, they live in a one room apartment, with graffiti all over the walls, they had a little bucket in the corner which was their bathroom, and a tiny stove in the corner that they cooked on. It’s so sad, but their faith and love for the church is amazing!! They are the Vova family and I love them to death.

The stores here are like little markets, sometimes you can find american stuff for sale haha. Like I found a place where I can buy Dr. Pepper and Oreos so you already know I’m going there every week. We cook for ourselves a lot, I make a lot of sandwiches and pizzas. I’m not even that bad of a cook, I do pretty good!!

My investigators are doing AWESOME. Me and Elder King have quite a few progressing right now, we invited Oleg to be baptized!!! But he said he was unsure if he wanted to yet, but he said he’d still pray and read the Book of Mormon so we were excited about that!!!

Me and Elder Bryson found these suuuuuuupppperrrrrrr rich guys that are interested in the church.  Here most everyone is super poor but there are tiny little pockets of really nice houses and once in awhile you will see a really nice car.  So we found these three guys, their names are Kostya, Vitale, and Dima. They’re all super good friends and they all drive super nice BMW’s. Kostya is completely hilarious, We asked him to pray at the start of our English practice and this is what he said “Dear God, Please give us money and please give us more beautiful women. Amen” Elder Bryson and I were DYING it was sooooo funny.  I think they have a long way to go.

Me and Elder Bryson put in WORK. We found like 8 muslim dudes who are interested in the gospel. They’re all from Egypt and Morocco and one of them was from Iran!!!!!!! They’re all soooooo funny, they’re here in Ukraine going to the University in Zaporozhe. Me and Elder Bryson played soccer w them on Saturday, and afterwards we were just messing around and talking to them. I was like “You guys should teach me some Arabic” and they said ok!!!

They taught me a few words and they were laughing and I was like whats so funny?? And they told me they were messing with me and teaching me not nice Arabic words.  So mom I now know a few naughty Arabic words.  Anyway, my Russian is getting soooo much better, but we teach a lot of gospel lessons in English. Most people here know English and want us to speak it with them so we do.

The people here love it when I play the piano, I need some new material.  If anyone wants to send me some books, mostly Chopin and Debussy I would love it.

That’s about all that’s happened this week!!! I love you so much, I pray for all of you everyday!

Elder Larkin

View from Mission Office
Finally! Ukranian Hryvnia
View of River in Zaporozhe
Elder Bryson and I at the nicest restaurant around.
Looking good!
Typical Ukrainian Scene


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