Getting In The Groove

This week Elder Larkin wrote a couple of emails which I have spliced together to make one big one.  When he talks about Jens he is referring to Jens coming home from school and putting on the name tag Elder Larkin sent us from the MTC and then putting on his shirt and tie and going down the street knocking doors and “teaching lessons.”  Funny kid.

Hello Everyone!!!

I love reading everyone’s emails , they make me so happy!!!  I have heard about James’s call, and yes there are a few missionaries that got arrested in Russia and transferred here. One is in my city, his name is Elder Haroldsen. He’s actually one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. The first time I talked to him we just talked about Lil Wayne for like half an hour haha I’m glad that there’s a ton of people here that I can relate to. I cannot believe Jens is going around on his mission, that makes  me so happy to just think about him walking around doing that. That’s so awesome.

Okay so a little bit about Zaporozhye. There’s about 800,000 people here, and the food is AMAZING. It’s soooo good. Everything just tastes way better here, McDonalds is like a 5 star restaurant, the Oreos here are amazing, the cookies and milk are soooooo amazing, and I just love it here!!!!!  One of my friends from the MTC got reassigned to Dnepro!!!! His name is Elder Felt, he is probably one of the best dudes I’ve ever met. I’m so stoked to see him!!

Anyways, The branch only has about 40 active members, and hopefully I can change that!!! We have been going to English practice Tuesday and Thursday and the FUNNIEST things happen there. There’s this guy who goes and his name is Igor. Igor is a pretty funny dude, he always cracks jokes and stuff. One of the other Russians there called him “Nigor” when he was being annoying and hahahahah I fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard!!! It was so funny.

We have a few new investigators, one of them is named Oleg and he’s awesome. He’s like the head of security for some firm or something. After one of our English lessons w him, he started asking questions about the gospel it was so cool!!! We were so excited it was awesome. We gave him a Book of Mormon and some scriptures to read and we’re talking to him again on Tuesday!!! So hopefully that works out.

I sleep really good every night  haha since I’m walking around all day!!! My companion is cool, He’s from Maryland and he knows Mark Abrahams older brother!!! He’s serving in Maryland right now and so he saw him a lot. Me and Elder King have very different personalities though, he’s very strict and on point, and I guess I am learning to be strict and on point.  I’ve made so many new friends. Elder Bryson and Bunker are in the branch here also, I work with them whenever I can.

I just love it here. It’s awesome. I love the people, the cities, the food, just everything here is on a whole new level. I pray for you all every day!!!! Tell all the kids I love them so much and that I’ll see them soon!!!! Tell Jens I’m proud of him for scoring in football!!!! Tell them all that I’m proud of them!!!!! I love you!!!!

Elder Larkin

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