First Week In Ukraine

We received an email from Elder Larkin this morning.  They now should be pretty regular on Mondays.  We have the benefit of him being 9 hours ahead so the emails are waiting for us when we wake up Monday morning.  Unless you’re Jocelyn, then you wake up about ten seconds before he sends it (3:43 am our time).  He still sounds good.  Short on details but full of excitement and exclamation points!

Hey Everyone,

OH. MY. GOSH. What a week!!!!! First of all I’m so sorry I didn’t call from Austria, we spent most of the time in the airport trying to get ready and look good for the Mission President haha. I’m soooooo glad I was able to travel with Sisters Harvey, Jolley and Morris. They’re honestly some of my favorite people I’ve ever met. They’re awesome. I got to sit next to Sister Harvey on the plane to Austria, so I’m glad that I had someone to talk to on that 11 hour flight lol. Haha We went through each others journals and laughed about all the hilarious stuff that happened in the MTC and honestly it made us kinda sad!!
Those people I had in my district were some of my best friends, and even though we were only together for two months I can seriously say that they are some people that I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. But no worries!! I’ve already made even more friends here in Ukraine.
Okay so I gotta give you the rundown of everything that’s happened since last Thursday. So Me, Elder Kirby and Elder Calderwood definitely left a legacy at the MTC haha. No lie, all the elders on our floor named Aug 20th Larkin and Kirby day hahahaha we were known as the LIT elders haha. On our last Saturday, we walked downstairs to our floor and there were people w cameras EVERYWHERE, and I was like what the heck is going on? I was so confused, I thought it was a prank or something.
But we kept walking and no lie EVERY SINGLE PERSON on our floor was in a huge line to take pictures with us and say goodbye! Two days later I woke up at 3 in the morning w Elders Felt, Peterson, and Griffeths and headed to the travel office. I met up w the Sisters, told my friends goodbye and my MTC life was over.
I went on a series of sketchy plane rides and eventually arrived in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Now, when I got off the plane, no lie, there were probably 20 dudes with AK 47’s everywhere. I thought to myself “what in the heck did I get myself into, this place is soooooo sketchy!!!” There were more people with guns in immigration and no one was allowed to talk. It reminded me of Call of Duty haha. We eventually got through everything and met up with President and Sister Sullivan! They were soooo nice and the AP’s were awesome too.
They took us to the Mission office, and we met our companions and stuff. My companion is Elder King he’s so cool!! I love him to death. After we met our companions we had our first street contacting experience and I got to teach a guy in Russian!!! I got his number and stuff and gave him a Book of Mormon!!! It was soooooo crazy. After that we had dinner w the Mission Pres. and then went back to the apartment and unpacked.
The next day we had an orientation meeting, that was actually pretty fun. And then I had to say goodbye to Sister Jolley and I didn’t get to say goodbye to Sister Harvey because she was in an interview when I was bout to leave:( So I was a little sad about that.
I had my first investigator lesson yesterday, which went really well. Oh I forgot to say, Elders Bryson and Bunker are my zone leaders in Zaporozhye and they are so awesome. Elder Bryson is already one of my good friends. Anyways, I got to teach some other Investigators w Elder Bryson and Elder Bunker. I also made friends w a few members, Kostya and Sergei. They like rap and whenever they see me they say “ayyyy wasssupppp brooo” in their Russian accents hahahaha. It’s so funny.
And that brings me to today!! All in all I’m doing great!!!  I love you all!!! I pray and think about you everyday and I miss you!!!
Elder Larkin


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