We received the following letter from President and Sister Sullivan.  Thrilled to learn about his trainer and his area. Also very excited to hear President Sullivan remark on his Russian.  They also sent a few pictures which I attach below.  So good to learn he is there, safe and sound, and ready to go.

August 24, 2016

Dear Larkin Family,

We are thrilled to welcome your son to the Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission! He arrived safely and we are so happy to have him join us here in the mission field. It is very apparent to us that Elder Larkin has prepared very well for this calling in the Lord’s service. He has come to the mission field with such enthusiasm and love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your son’s upbringing and additional training in the MTC have provided him with many wonderful tools to help him be an effective missionary. Now he joins us ready and willing to exercise his faith, testify of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and love the people of Ukraine.  Elder Larkin has been assigned a wonderful companion, Elder King, who has been called by revelation to assist and guide your son as he begins his service here. They will be serving in the Zaporozhe area.

We encourage all missionaries to write or e-mail home weekly. We trust you will write Elder Larkin on a weekly basis also. Please send positive messages that will keep him focused on his work. We hope you will share faith promoting experiences and convey your love for each other and describe the blessings you are receiving. Missionaries like to know that your testimonies are growing and that you are strengthening your faith in Jesus Christ. In order to be successful as a missionary, great focus on the work is required. The more he can “lose himself” in the work, the better prepared he will be to teach and testify.

Thank you for raising up a wonderful son of God who now goes forth to work in this beautiful portion of the Lord’s vineyard. We love Elder Larkin and his enthusiasm and look forward to many wonderful experiences together. He was out placing copies of the Book of Mormon just hours after he arrived! His Russian skills are amazing!

May you feel the blessings of your son’s efforts here in Ukraine.

With kind regards,

President and Sister Sullivan

Arrival at the airport
Elder Larkin and President and Sister Sullivan
Elder Larkin and Elder King

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