This Time He Is Really Gone

Well, Elder Larkin is gone.  As I write this he is somewhere over Wyoming, on his way to Chicago and then on to Vienna, Austria and finally to Ukraine.  Jocelyn and I did not sleep much last night anticipating an early phone call.  The phone finally rang around 7:15 am. It was Uncle Justin, our brother in law who is a pilot.  He was on his way to the airport.  I told him that we hadn’t heard from him yet and were a little concerned.  Justin told me he would find him and figure out what was going on.  I was skeptical.  Not of Justin, but the airport is a large place and who knows what was going on.

Well, he did find him.  He is traveling with a couple of sister missionaries and they were a little lost.  Their departing flight was very very delayed and so they were moved to another airline in another terminal.  They were not given instruction; just that they were on another flight.

Enter Justin.  He found them, got them pointed in the right direction, got them new boarding passes, got them to the right terminal and made sure they were situated, then handed Elder Larkin his phone so that he could call us.  Not only that, we got to FaceTime with him for a few minutes.  Elder Larkin wanted to see his room!  We showed it to him and pointed out that it is just like he left it….dirty!

Then Justin drew him a map of the Chicago airport and gave him detailed instructions on how to get his baggage out of baggage claim, how to find Austrian Airlines and get on to the next leg of his flight.  To say that we appreciate Justin this morning is a bit of an understatement.  Thank you Justin!

He sent us these pictures also.  The next update will be from Ukraine.  We are so excited for him and the adventure that awaits him across the ocean.

This may be my favorite picture yet.
Elder Larkin and Uncle Justin


One thought on “This Time He Is Really Gone

  1. Perfect update! I admit I’ve felt a little sick to my stomach for guys this morning. Glad my favorite person EVER could be of some help! Love that Tanner!


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