Almost Gone Again

Well, Elder Larkin leaves the MTC this coming Tuesday for the long trek to Dnepropetrovsk.  He leaves the MTC at 4 am to go to the airport in Salt Lake.  From there to Chicago, then to Vienna, Austria, and then on to Ukraine.  What an adventure!  We are so excited to talk to him each step along the way.  It will have to hold us over until December, so we will make it count!  Here is a little letter from him this week.

Hey Everyone,

It is so crazy that I leave on Tuesday but I am so ready to bounce outta here.  I am sad though, I am reaaaaallllly going to miss these Elders and Sisters.  I have made some way cool friends and it is going to be strange not being with them 24/7.  I loved getting to know more of them through serving in the Zone too.  I sent a package home with some stuff I want to keep.  I am sending my tags cause they just gave me my field tags.  The difference is that LARKIN is spelled in the Russian Alphabet instead of English.  Ha ha, they are sick. The boys can have the tags I have worn here.  Dad tell Grandma and Grandpa that I didn’t have much time to write this week and that I will write them from UKRAINE!!!  That is so crazy I can’t believe it.  It is going to be nuts, I know it, but I am so ready to go.  I can’t wait to talk to everyone on Tuesday.  I will call eaaaaarrrrlllly because we get to the airport at like 5 am but don’t leave for two hours after that.  I am so stoked to talk to you all.  I was at the temple this morning and Elder Matthews came to say hi.  It was so good to see him, I have really missed him.  I need to go to class.  Talk to you Tuesday Mom and Dad and everyone else I will write when I can.

Elder Larkin

2 thoughts on “Almost Gone Again

  1. May the Lord bless Tanner as he leaves for Ukraine! We wish we were closer to his new mission so that we could welcome him here in person. We know that he will quickly learn to love the Ukrainian people and this great nation. We know that he will be an awesome missionary! Elder and Sister Cihak, L’viv, Ukraine.


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