Week 7

It is getting close!  Elder Larkin will receive his travel plans tomorrow and will be able to email us again.  I am sure I will be tracking that missionary across the Atlantic and into Dnepropetrovsk!  Here is his letter this week and a few pictures will follow!

Hey guys!! I’m still here in the MTC, I’m having a great time!! Me Elder Kirby and Elder Calderwood are still working on the Russian Language. I got released as zone leader this week, so that was good. You already know that now as a normal missionary I’m partying every day. Just kidding, the Lords work is important so me and my companions are as focused as it gets. I get my flight plans tomorrow and I’m so excited. The MTC is great and all but I’m ready to get out of here. I heard that there’s been a lot of sketchy stuff going on between Russia and Ukraine. I hope that it gets resolved before I get there though because I’m not looking to be a prisoner of war, ha ha. The Russian is coming along GREAT though, yesterday in one of my lessons with the investigator I understood everything that he was saying. There was a point where he told me that he doesn’t believe that his sins could be forgiven. So we read Alma 11 together. And I bore my testimony that if he repents and is baptized he could experience more happiness in his life than he thought possible. And I told him that he COULD repent. And then I asked him to be baptized and he said he would! So that was way cool it was definitely the best lesson I’ve had yet. It was great. Anyways keep the e mails and dear elders coming!!  I love you guys thanks so much for the support!!

Elder Larkin

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