Week 6

Well, today is better than Christmas.  A pretty good letter and a bunch of pictures.  He sounds good, he looks good, he says he is good….he must be good!

Hey guys!! I’m still just chillin here in the MTC. I officially only have 19 days left here and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to bounce out of here. Nah I really do like it here it just gets really really monotonous and I’m just ready to leave haha. I’m practically fluent in Russian now. jk I wish!! The grammar in Russian is sooooo hard like you cant say “I like to play basketball” in Russian. You have to say “to me it is pleasing to play basketball.” and instead of saying “are we going to play basketball?” you say “we are that what we play basketball?” in Russian. It makes zero sense in English lol but it makes perfect sense in Russian so idk hahaha. I’m doing really well though and I’m having a blast! Oh and so my companion is no longer Elder Uchityl, I got reassigned to Elder Calderwood and Elder Kirby! We’re a trio and it’s sooooooo fun. The reason I got switched is because Elder Uchityl and another elder in my district had some issues and so they transferred Elder Uchityl into another district. I still see him around but I think he’s in a better place now. It’s been kind of hard doing lessons in a trio but we make it work, it isn’t all that bad. The three of us have such a good time and we all get along super well. And I’ve made a few new good friends, Elder Felt who is from Las Vegas and Elder Peterson who’s from up here in Provo. There so sick, Elder Felt plays basketball so we have a good time, and Elder Peterson is on a Ball Room Dance Scholarship at BYU when he gets back so he’s been teaching me some sick moves haha. It’s gonna be hard to leave everyone here because I’ve made such good friends!! Like honestly some of my favorite people who I’ve ever met are here at the MTC and it’s gonna be hard leaving them all. But most of them are going to the Y after the Mish so I’m sure I’ll see them. I love all you guys!! Keep the packages and dear elders coming!!
Elder T Lark

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