Week 5

I think I skipped a week.  It is ok.  The letter was about three sentences and just said that he is loving it.  Pictures are at a premium still so we are grateful for those we got last week. Anyway here is this weeks installment from Elder Larkin….

Hey Everyone!! Everything is going good here in the MTC. I’m having a great time, and the Russian is coming a long great! Being a zone leader is about as fun as it gets. Haha just kidding it’s actually way too stressful for me. I can’t believe It’s already been 5 weeks!! Time is just flying by. I had a really cool experience this last week, last p day I was kinda having a rough day but I was fighting through it, I was trying to be as happy and as nice as possible. I was doing pretty good until TRC, when I had to teach a girl from Russia. In TRC you’re supposed to teach actual members of the church and it’s supposed to be like a family home evening setting. And I have to do it in Russian haha but the girl I was teaching was an actual investigator!! I didn’t realize that until I asked her what she thought about the Book of Mormon. She told me that she didn’t know what it was and so I was like ok, I then proceeded to give the best lesson of my life, I was speaking fluently in Russian and having a conversation about how the Book of Mormon is the word of God. The lesson ended and I left thinking that I was the Lebron James of Russian. I BALLED out. But I got back to my classroom and I got my evaluation card, and the investigator had said that my lesson was boring!! I was soooooo mad. I had just given my best lesson ever and it was BORING????? I was livvvvid. Not to mention that that day had been super hard on me too. I was so fed up and frustrated. The next day I struggled in class and I was so fed up with everything. I was homesick, tired, and just overall fed up with everything that was going on. But then my teacher Sister Hyde read us some scriptures about enduring to the end I realized that I’m supposed to be here, and while I may have some rough days, I know that nothing can stop the progress of the gospel. After that its been a great week! I’m just doing my thing. I have the best district in the world and you I love working with the zone.  It is super busy but I am loving serving these Elders and Sisters. I love you guys!!! You’re all awesome!!

Elder T Lark


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