Week 3

I am a little behind in posting…..Here is a short one from Elder Larkin this week…..

Hey guys!!!!! So this week has been pretty great, I got to host Ty Bennett and I got to see Eard. It made my day to see them it was awesome. Me and my squad of elders are having a blast at the MTC. We are by far the greatest elders here at the MTC. I started lifting with Elder Palmer and Clement every day so I’m getting bigger. We just got some new Elders into our zone. Most of them seem pretty cool but me and Elder Calderwood heard a few of the other ones talking about our zone. And then we confronted them about it and they got scared and ran off. So we don’t like those ones. The new Elders think they know everything.  Ha Ha.  Most of them are OK though. I see lots of friends from back home here, It’s so good to see those familiar faces. The Russian is coming along great, I’ve been straight cruising so far. Keep the letters and Dear Elders coming!! They help out so much. I love every one of you!

Elder Larkin

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