Week 2

Here is the letter from Elder Larkin which we received this morning.  It is always so good to hear from him.  We can’t wait to hear his MTC raps.  🙂

Hey Everyone!! Everything is great here in the MTC. I love all the Dear Elders you’ve been sending me keep em coming! The Russian is still coming along really well. Me and sister Harvey can have conversations with each other now. My companion had a mental breakdown though because he was so stressed about learning the language. He isn’t learning it very quickly and I think it’s because he’s so stressed all the time. I’m just not worried about everything and I’m picking it up wayyyyy fast. I’ve started rapping again haha and I’ve kinda turned into a mini celebrity because of it. I have some good ones about the MTC.  I’m having a really good time here. I can’t believe I’ve already been here for two weeks time is just flying!! Elder Mathews was sent home this last week… it was so sad. I also have no one to play ball with now until eard gets here. I’ve had some awesome experiences, I had a meeting with the branch president last night and I felt the spirit so strong. We were just having a meeting because everyone in our zone was having interviews to make sure that we are squeaky clean before we leave the MTC. And we had a conversation about my goals as a missionary and I told him that I want to do everything I can to bring happiness and salvation to the people of Ukraine. And he looked at me in the eyes and said Elder Larkin you are going to be a great missionary. I could really feel the spirit last night and I’m so glad that we had that meeting. So I’ve also made tons of new friends, mostly Elder Calderwood, Elder Palmer, Elder Kirby, Elder Clement and all the sisters in my district. We have such a good time, Elder Clement is playing football for BYU when he gets back and Elder Palmer raps with me so we are having a great time! I love all you guys keep it real back home.

Elder Larkin

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